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Selling luxury Golden Mile property with German business etiquette

Geschrieben von Emilio auf 16. Januar 2022

AMREIN FISCHER has been selling luxury property on Marbella’s Golden Mile for over 30 years. The Germans have a reputation for hard work, precision, attention to detail and timekeeping that has been the backbone of many a successful multinational company, from Mercedes and BMW to Bayer and Siemens, but it is also built on a serious and ethical way of doing business that is ever more appreciated in a highly competitive and commercialised world.

While much of the old-school formality has been replaced by a more convivial approach, ethics remains the cornerstone of German business etiquette. The founders of AMREIN FISCHER regard it as a Marbella company, but the fact that they are German brings with it a way of working that is engrained in not only doing things well, but also correctly.

An international agency with German ethics

“We are a very international business, with people of different nationalities adding technical and linguistic skills to our team,” says co-founder Heidi Fischer, “yet within this property agency that is rooted in Marbella there is indeed a German structure that works to our benefit when it comes to time-keeping, professionalism, work ethic and also good old-fashioned integrity.”

Many of AMREIN FISCHER’s clients have come to rely on this, whether they are German or belong to the other important markets that the company serves. “I must say that while we naturally have a core of German-speaking clients, both homebuyers and vendors as well as investors, we have never focused exclusively on the German market,” says Heidi Amrein.

Indeed, many clients, be they Northern European, Spanish or from other regions, seek the company out because they expect the thorough kind of service for which the Germans have become known. “And we deliver it, sharing our love of this area and our local knowledge of its real estate market and luxury properties for sale in Marbella with a friendly, efficient service upon which we as a company have built our name.”

Not only that, but AMREIN FISCHER is one of the longest-established specialists in luxury real estate in Marbella, so please contact us if you are looking for the finest apartments, penthouses and villas for sale on the Golden Mile.

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